Hello Everybody!!

Hello Everybody!

A little extra about me...

  • I enjoy travelling.
  • I love food.
  • I love nature places.
  • Love the animals.

I did a solo trip to New Zealand in 2016, ticking my bucket list as I go along...

Waitomo - Black water rafting!

Khairunnisa Hashim abseiling down the hole.

Training with my group for abseiling down the cave. They were a couple from LA, USA and Cape Town, Africa.Really nice people.

Khairunnisa Hashim down the rabbit hole

Down the rabbit hole I go...
It was dark down there. So not many photos were taken. You guys should go there sometime!

We were in there for a few hours! After all the climbing, jumping down a 7m dark abyss, swimming in the cold water, flying fox, abseiling and having hot cocoa with biscuits during break time. I sure am glad I went.

Queenstown - Hang Gliding

I asked if I could take over. Cos being by the side and looking wasn't that fun. My instructor was like "Sure, go ahead!"

He had some trouble getting the glider back though. I think I exceeded my time...He was nice.. cos I am nice.

Rotorua- White water Rafting 

Apparently this place has once of the most exhilarating white water rafting. In my opinion it is not so as I have tried in multiple times in many countries. I must say the best I've had is in Indonesia. Then again...It was scary for some of my group mates.

If you zoomed in, You can see me smiling while the two in the back is well..

After the crazy fall, I was super happy. I enjoy heights. Unless it's bungee or roller coaster rides, I'm up for anything. The height difference. The kids are from Germany. I think they were 16 or 17. 

PS: This was taken in Indonesia. Me and Family..See the choppy waters..

Taupo - Tongariro National Park
I hiked there. I have no idea where my pictures are. I mean the nice ones. The unglam ones, I have them. But, no I'm not posting.

Abel Tasman - Kayaking

I also did Kayaking in Abel Tasman. We saw seals chilling out when we were heading out and then had the best surprise! A pod of dolphins on our our way back. Super cool!

Franz Josef - Ice Explorer in Franz Josef Glacier

It was cold!! and I loved it! I found the contours of the ice really interesting.Was practically amazed at it. Nice blue colour... Handsome guide... All was well! Loved the Helicopter ride!!

Wanaka - Sky Diving

This was the highlight of the trip. Was supposed to go to Queenstown for the dive, but the wind conditions were unfavourable. I missed my Jet Ride for this. It was worth it!

My Instructor was super tall and really cool guy. I asked if I could manoeuvre us. And he let me do it for some time. Apparently the others didn't get it. You need to ask for these things guys!

Routeburn - Canyoning

I did Canyoning there. Super cool. No pictures though. Basically we slide down the waterfall without a harness. All guides were professionals. Had a blast there. My group of people were super helpful especially the family from Australia. 

Queenstown - Ziptrek ( its supposed to go up there but.. oh wells.)

Super fun. It was almost half a day here. The guides were quirky! I was solo so she paired up with me.

Mount Cook National Park - Stargazing.

Stayed in YHA Mt Cook. This place beats the hotels. You can take a sleeping bag and just gaze at the stars. Super comfy. No pictures here as I wasn't good enough to take one. YET.

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